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Master in photography, IPCI - Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem, 2019|2020

Every Day is Sunday’, IPCI Gallery, Porto, Portugal, September | October 2020

Shahada’, FNAC Galleries, Portugal, January | December 2017

‘Alegria Lab’, with the work ‘My DOG’, IPCI Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, June | September 2021
‘Alegria Lab’, with the work ‘My DOG’, PB27 Gallery, Porto, Portugal, November | December 2020 Encontros da Imagem Festival, ‘Shahadah’ projections, Braga, Portugal, September | October 2018
Saudi Seen’, a new generation of image-makers presents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Project Space Art Jameel, January 2018

Finalist portfolio review at Imago Lisboa Festival, October 2019.
Grant awarded in IPCI Institute, Porto, Portugal, July 2019
Honourable awarded in International Photography Awards, BIPA,  ‘Shahada’, May 2018
Shortlisted Athens Photo Festival with ‘Shahada’, May 2018
Honourable Awarded Fnac for New Photo Talents, December 2017
1st Prize in the 6th edition of the Art Jameel Photography Award (AJPA), December 2015


Encontros da Imagem, under the theme Génesis, ‘Every Day is Sunday’, October 2020
FotoPress, a Blog for Documentary Photographers, November 2019
Hant Magazine nº 11,  Back to Reality,  ‘Shahada’, November 2018
Scopio, ‘Shahada’, online, March 2018
Phosmag, ‘Shahada’, online, March 2018
Not For Print, Issue 2 under the theme ‘Resist’| Ello Platform and sponsered by We Transfer, May 2017 
Bosco Magazine, Random, Photos from Saudi,  online, March 21, 2017
Saudi Gazette, Winner announced at Art Jameel Photography Award, December 2015
Flânerie nº 2, Chapter Lomoville | Live trought Plastic Lenses, ‘Instantit’, online, May  2011

Master in photography in 2020 in IPCI.
Studied architecture at the University of Porto and graduated in 1994. Worked between 1992|2007 at Souto de Moura Architects, and founded his office in 2007. Between 2013|2017, lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where works as a Consultant. In July 2019  won the scholarship for the Master in Photography at IPCI, participated in the portfolio reviews at the Imago Lisboa festival  in 2019.  Was honorable mention in the Fnac 2017 Prize and won the first prize in the 6th edition of the Art Jameel Photography Award (AJPA) in 2015, a contest that includes all Middle East Countries. In 2018 it is an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards, BIPA. Publishes in several magazines such as Hant Magazine, Phosmag or Not For Print, among others. Exhibits his work at Encontros da Imagem, in 2020 the work ‘Every Day is Sunday ‘ and in the same festival with projections in 2018. Also in 2018, he participates in the Saudi Seen collective, in Dubai.

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